Heavy Metal Machines Game Designer Director talks at BIG Festival Workshop

Aly Lenzi, Game designer and director of the Heavy Metal Machines, car-combat MOBA from Hoplon, will participate in the workshop “Brazilian indie market for Esports: how to make an interesting game for this niche”, set to happen on the 29th of june, at the BIG Festival 2018

Aly wil discuss with other invited speakers about the production of Heavy Metal Machines and the success of the first brazilian game to run international Esports championships with money prizepool: “The BIG Festival is an opportunity for brazilian companies to show their products and exchange information about the market”, says Aly.

“On the workshop about brazilian Esports games, we’ll bring all of our experience by developing and publishing Heavy Metal Machines”, encloses Aly. In 2017, HMM promoted two international championships: one in Europe and another in South America, hosted by ESL Play.

About Aly Lenzi: Game designer and director of the Heavy Metal Machines, developed and published by Hoplon, from Florianopolis. He’s been in the company for 10 years and worked on various projects, including the creation of HMM itself. Graduated in Graphic Design, at Univille, He started his carreer creating MODs for Command and Conquer General, and later on, join the competitive scene of this game, by rebalancing maps. He has also been on national championships of Counter-Strike and Super Smash Bros. Aly searches for more information every year at GDC, in San Francisco.

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